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Completed in 1831, our sanctuary provides an attractive setting for local weddings. The church building itself, sometimes called "the Stone Church," stands prominently above the village, and the steeple can be seen from some distance out in the countryside. If you would like to consider using our sanctuary for a wedding, please note the wedding policy below and then contact the church office (315-376-3631) to schedule an appointment with the pastor.

Because the sanctuary is often used for weddings especially during the spring and summer, it is important that users contact us well in advance of the date of the wedding. There also needs to be time for several informal counseling sessions, which our pastor requires and which we strongly recommend for couples to be married by other clergy.

We are happy to allow other clergy to officiate at weddings in our sanctuary, so long as the wedding ceremony itself retains the character of a Christian service.

Our church organist, Mr. Leon Austin, is to be given first refusal. His fee is $100 and includes rehearsal as well as the ceremony. He may be contacted at 376-4302.

Our wedding policy is reproduced below. If you would like the policy as a pdf document, just click on the heading.

Whether you decide to have your ceremony performed in our sanctuary or not, if you are planning to be married, we here at FPC, Lowville, celebrate your decision and pray God's blessings on your wedding and your life together.

Photograph of the Sanctuary


The following information is provided for couples who are planning to have their service in the First Presbyterian Church of Lowville. In coming to be married in the church, we assume that the service means more to both of you than being married by civil ceremony.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) does not require that either person be a member of that church to be married in it, however, it does require that the two persons entering into marriage be people who believe that God is involved in their lives and that Christ adds strength and stability to their marriage. Therefore, the service is an act of celebrating that God has created people to live their lives together and to find joy and fulfillment in that relationship. The service is a service of worship that has a deeply joyful spirit.

The following requirements are made upon the persons being married.

1. The request to be married in the First Presbyterian Church of Lowville should be made by contacting the Pastor and obtaining his permission to be married.

2. The couple must be willing to enter into pre-marital counseling with the pastor. The current pastor of the First Presbyterian Church or her/his designee will perform the service.

3. All music will be chosen in consultation with, and with the approval of our pastor. Music used in the wedding ceremony should be appropriate for a service of worship of God in the spirit of joy and celebration. Secular music is most appropriate as a prelude before the service begins or as reception music. The church organist may be available for your service. You are responsible to make these arrangements directly with the church organist. In the event the church organist is used a fee of $100 should be paid to the church organist at the time of the rehearsal.

4. The custodian will be contacted by the church office to check the sanctuary for cleanliness prior to the ceremony, and, to clean the church after the wedding. A fee will be charged to members and non-members as noted below.

5. In the event you wish to use the church's audio/speaker system during the wedding ceremony it is your responsibility to contact the church secretary accordingly. The secretary will provide you with the names of our technicians. It will be your responsibility to contact a technician to be sure they are available. A fee will be charged as noted below.

6. Schedule of fees you will be responsible for:

$ 100 for custodial and audio technician services.
It is also suggested that an appropriate Honorarium be paid directly to the pastor.

$ 250 for use of the church and custodial services. (paid to the church)
$ 75 for audio technician (paid to the technician)
$ 200 for ministerial services (paid directly to pastor)
$ 100 for church organist (paid directly to the organist) [see above]
$ 100 for wedding coordinator

Materials and/or preparation of bulletins if requested by you.

NOTE: Definition of member - a bride or groom who is a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Lowville or a child or grandchild of an active member of this church. All others are considered non-members.

7. All fees set forth above are expected to be paid in full prior to the ceremony and not later than at the time of the rehearsal.

8. The marriage license must be brought to the wedding rehearsal.

9. No rice or confetti is to be used on or near the church property.

10.No flash pictures shall be taken during the wedding ceremony.

11.No alcohol or tobacco product is to be used on church property.

12.For a wedding when the Presbyterian clergy is not officiating, our wedding coordinator is to be present.

Approved by Session April 13, 2010

First Presbyterian Church of Lowville • A member congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
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